A simple suggestion: Easy, early links to LoCo info

Kevin Cole kjcole at gri.gallaudet.edu
Sat Sep 24 09:31:43 CDT 2005


In the interest of community, "humanity to others", "I am what I am because of
who we all are", etc: When a user first pops in a live CD or right after an
install, the browser(s) should point to a page on their CD or disk which very
DIRECTLY guides them to a list of LoCo's so that if one exists in their area,
they can make direct contact with another friendly face and get some hands-on
hand-holding.  (Many may have either sporadic network connections at best, or
feel uncomfortable or unskilled with mailing lists, wiki and other "new-
fangled" stuff.  Online support won't be a good starting place for such

I'm thinking a second local page on their machine with a list of LoCo's as
of whenever the version was frozen, but also including a link to the wiki
page, for a more up-to-the-minute LoCo list, in case the do have a solid
network connection.

I haven't looked in a while so forgive me if this is already taken care of.

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