initscripts and how many patches to carry

Sami Dalouche skoobi at
Thu Sep 22 20:39:46 CDT 2005


after a little thinking, I believe that the current blocking is because of some
daemons which need to bind on all possible interfaces...
However, debian/ubuntu already has the required framework for running scripts
when an interface goes up/down. (/etc/network/interfaces).
So why not leverging this framework to NOT block startup with stupid dhcp.
and when an interface goes up/down, it restarts the daemons.

=> improved startup time

Sami Dalouche

Quoting Carey O'Shea <carey at>:

> Sami Dalouche wrote:
> >BTW, is there any plan on having ifup of network interfaces NOT blocking
> >startup, but just do as, let's say windows, let do the dhcp in the
> background ?
> >
> >Regards,
> >Sami Dalouche
> >
> I've wondered about this, also about ntpd. It seems silly to me for the
> entire bootup process to halt because there is a lack of network or
> internet connectivity. I fixed this myself by editing initscripts and
> making them launch in the background (&).
> PS: I hope my words are not 'noise' for ubuntu-devel.

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