polypaudio -> esound

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Tue Sep 20 00:39:41 CDT 2005

hi Patricia!

patricia [2005-09-16 19:57 -0400]:
> Xian Wrote: 
> > Thanks for the notice on this, Matt. I'm switching over now.
> Hey, I'm having problem with skype, it doesn't ring. So I read about
> this poly audio, and I'm wondering how do I do to install it. Could
> someone help me?

The package is called "polypaudio", you just need to install it and
restart your session to use it. But please be aware that we do not
support it in Breezy because it still has too many bugs. Also, it is
binary compatible with esound, so I doubt that it will make Skype
work. If Skype supports esound, we should rather fix esound.



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