Network manager and tpb

The Saltydog thesaltydog at
Sun Sep 18 13:43:13 CDT 2005

I would have liked to post a bug on malone for this, but I am not sure:

- if it is a bug;
- which package is addressed

On my laptop I use either Network-Manager and tpb (for on screen
display of ThinkPad buttons). In order to have them at startup, I have
put them both in Session->StartUp programs.

The matter is this: 'tpb -d' MUST be started after 'nm-applet',
otherwise network-manager will take long time to startup and will
bring to unattended results.

So I am starting nm-applet with priority 90, and 'tpb -d' with priority 99.

Now they both work fine!

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