Ldap and Ubuntu server a no go - serious problems here.

Ivan Krstic krstic at hcs.harvard.edu
Fri Sep 16 15:44:51 CDT 2005

George Farris wrote:
> Well this doesn't say anything about how your /etc/pam.d files are
> configured, do you have anything different in /etc/pam_ldap.conf
> or /etc/libnss-ldap.conf.

Those files have nothing to do with OpenLDAP. They tell other subsystems
from where to get their information, and can't easily be responsible for
any problems you're having with slapd.

> No I haven't been able to yet and quite frankly I have never run gdb and
> wouldn't even know where to start.  If I'm required to do that type of
> work for a server I would seriously hesitate to use it.  I have run
> Linux servers since 1997 and never had to drop into gdb and tools.

The list of questions I asked was not something I would ask a regular
user, but someone who came to the -devel list to relate his problems,
presumably because he wants them solved. I'm sure you understand we're
in an unpleasant situation here: the slapd that ships with Hoary works
fine for any number of people, but it doesn't work for you, and you're
not able to provide details that would help us to figure out why that
is. Basically, that means you can either try compiling a more recent
version of OpenLDAP, switch to the Fedora DS, or switch distributions.

> Two different machines, two different databases (bdb, ldbm) all local
> files both servers have 3ware boards (one SATA one PATA) but I have been
> running 3ware boards for years without problems.

That likely rules out hardware.

> No and in fact syslog shows ldap responding right to the point where it
> quites and then no more ldap log information until a reboot???

What you're describing as a machine hang seems to me simply to be a
consequence of pulling the user credentials data source from under the
feet of the running applications.

> If I stop ldap the machine will run for ever.

Right. This supports the above.

> 2.3.x is not stock available unless I compile it myself.  I'm trying to
> stick with stock debs for obvious reasons.

I was mentioning both 2.2.x and 2.3.x in the context of compiling it
yourself to determine whether the specific version is giving you trouble.

> Just for reference my /etc/pam.d files are like so:


> What I see is that for whatever reason at some point the ldap database
> is becoming corrupt and then all hell breaks loose. 

You say you ran slapd on FC2 on the same machine with no trouble. I
might suspect BDB bugginess as a problem, but that doesn't explain why
you keep having issues with LDBM as well. Are the crashes when using
LDBM in any way distinguishable from those when you're using BDB? I
assume you've dumped out a LDIF for your database, deleted the old
database, reloaded the LDIF, and regenerated indices, to no avail?


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