Breezy + 2.6.13 kernel

Maarten de Boer mdeboer at
Fri Sep 16 08:14:07 CDT 2005


Being particularly interested in using Ubuntu for audio applications,
I was wondering if the 2.6.13 will be supported for Breezy? I'd like
to be able to create a custom low latency kernel applying a recent realtime preempt patch (from Ingo Molnar) to an official Ubuntu kernel. Maybe 2.6.13 will be in Universe? (I see it isn't yet)

In case Breezy will be 2.6.12 only, I will try to role my own 2.6.13 (+preempt) packages. Is the process 2.6.12 vanilla => 2.6.12 ubuntu kernel packages documented somewhere? Is there a list of the userland implications of 2.6.12 ubuntu patches that may have to be ported to 2.6.13?

Kind regards,


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