Calling for UBZ BOF Topic Suggestions

Jane Weideman janew at
Thu Sep 15 05:20:20 CDT 2005

As you probably already know, we are planning the next Ubuntu Developer
Summit for November 2005 in Montreal Canada. 

This one is titled : Ubuntu Below Zero (UBZ). (see weather forecasts for
Montreal at this time of year to figure out why!)

For more details around UBZ please take a look at the wiki page:

As at UDU, the plan is to focus on "Birds of a Feather" (BOF) meetings
at UBZ. These will be organised so that each BOF results in a recorded
output. It might be a plan, a process, a piece of code, etc. In each
case, every BOF should terminate with a written report of the BOF, the
conclusions, and the action items (and to who they were assigned). 

We'd like to identify as many of the BOF topics before UBZ as possible,
to allow us time to prioritize these and look at assigning Leads and
Seconds to each BOF topic before we get there. This will also give leads
(and all interested contributers) a chance to research the topic before

Ideally we are aiming to at least have a framework spec created for each
topic, with a broad outline of the Introduction, Rationale, and some of
the Scope and Use Cases listed so that everyone understands intent of
BOF topic in advance.

BOFs will be related to one or more of the main tracks ie: 

      * Ubuntu 
      * Kubuntu 
      * Edubuntu 
      * Launchpad 
Please help us by suggesting BOF topics which you think need to be
addressed at UBZ.

For Ubuntu BOFs please add to the list on:,
(please put Kubuntu, Launchpad, Edubuntu in brackets after the
suggestion if the suggestion is specific to that track)

Additionally for Edubuntu Specific BOFs you can use:


Let's aim to get a record number of post-its right across the wall...
(ask anyone who went to UDU if you don't know what this means or see:

Please also feel free to send feedback and suggestions on how to make
our Developer Summits more effective. 

Many thanks,

Jane Weideman
mobile: +27 83 779 7800
Canonical Ltd.

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