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Karl Hegbloom hegbloom at
Wed Sep 14 11:52:12 CDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-09-14 at 12:05 +0100, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
> Ubuntu 6.04(ish) will be special, because as a community we are going to
> commit to supporting it for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the
> server.

Wow, that's a long time.  Where can we read about the rationale behind
that decision?

I would like to see some of the big commercial applications being
officially supported for The Dapper Drake by the companies that produce
them.  Will the Canonical team please lobby with Oracle, Wolfram
Research (Mathematica), Maplesoft, VMware, CodeWeavers, TripWire,
MicroSoft (just kidding) and others to have that happen?  Perhaps that
could be expedited if someone seated at Canonical could sign the NDA
they likely require and help them perform the .deb packaging?  For
software like Oracle, the relinking process should be easy to perform,

There are probably other applications, like scientific data
visualization or medical imaging software, out there being used by
scientists, mathematicians, and engineers that should also be supported.
If folks reply on this thread and mention ones they'd like to see, a
list of them could be generated and posted to a Wiki page?

And, yes, I know, there are Open Source analogs to many of those
programs.  Still, many folks out there will want to use these commercial
products, and it would be nice if they could do so from Ubuntu Linux
"The Dapper Drake".

I bet someone would really like to have Visio, something like Rational
Rose, and a good AutoCAD for Linux...

If the OSS community writes an AutoCAD "clone", we should name it
"Covered Castle CAD" (CCC).  Think covered wagons, pioneers, then build
a castle, and civilian conservation corps.  Hmmm.

Karl Hegbloom <hegbloom at>

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