breezy preview tested (one more thing)

Brandon Hale brandon at
Tue Sep 13 17:08:10 CDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-09-13 at 23:02 +0200, Martin Ericsson wrote:
> When I try to search for something in beagle, it tells me that I hvae to 
>   start the beagle daemon but doing so (by clicking) just results in 
> this process:
>   6191 ?        Z      0:00 [beagled] <defunct>
Note that I haven't managed to reproduce this yet.

> PS: Shouldn't the beagle daemon be started automatically after 
> installation just like other (ftp/ssh/whatever) servers?

Not really, beagle is not run as its own user in a global scope like
these other services.  It runs as your user in gnome-session.  We might
look at clever ways to automatically start beagle when we talk about
integrating it more into the desktop for breezy+1.

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