MOTU Meeting - 2005-09-07

Andrew Mitchell ajmitch at
Sun Sep 11 07:50:26 CDT 2005

Here are the minutes for the recent Masters of the Universe (MOTU) meeting
The meeting log is at

Ubuntu MOTU Meeting, 7th of September 2005

Present at the meeting were: DanielHolbach, OliverGrawert, StephanHermann, 
BarrydeFreese, AndrewMitchell, StefanPotyra, LoicPefferkorn SebastianDröge

 1. Status of Transitions
   * C++ transition has gone well, very few packages are listed on
     - The major remaining work is listed on UniverseUnmetDeps, 
   * As for MOTUGhc6Transition, Lamont has been busy fixing & it is now 
     working again. Packages Build-Depending on it will be uploaded ASAP
   * Packages with install dependencies/build dependencies not already in 
     breezy will be ignored unless it's an easy fix. Some may be put on

 2. Malone bug policies
   * We discussed
   * In summary - when working on a bug, universe bugs are assigned to 'MOTU',
     bug status is set to 'Accepted', with a comment.
   * The other main issue is handling of bugs in 'main'
     - < ogra> so until malone is for main too, i'd propose to close them with
        a predefined note
     - The submitter will be notified by this close notice to submit their bug
       in bugzilla if it still exists
     - We plan to discuss this issue on the ubuntu-devel mailing list

 3. Malone Bug Love Day
   * This is going to be a day (or 48 hours, as usual) in #ubuntu-bugs, where
     we make a concerted effort to help users file bugs, and to close bugs 
     that are on Malone. (We will help users file on bugzilla & process bugs
     there where possible)
   * The Bug Love Day is scheduled on Saturday 17th September, for all 
   * We will announce this on the mailing lists & call for people to help out
     where they can.

 4. Rotating of time for meeting
   * Meeting times will alternate between Wednesday 22:00 UTC & Thursday 
    12:00 UTC

 5. Next meeting is 22nd September, 12:00 UTC

Andrew Mitchell

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