Restricted software in Ubuntu, continued

Waqas dlist at
Sun Sep 11 08:50:13 CDT 2005

poofyhairguy Wrote: 
>  Let me first say that I am not a hard head, I get your point. But I
> don't believe Ubuntu needs this stuff in order to be successful- it
> already is a success to many people. If people want a distro that
> includes this stuff, let them pay for Mandrake of Xandros, I wish for
> Ubuntu to remain free (as in beer). 
> Plus, lets not kid ourselves here, NONE what we call "window noobs" can
> setup ANY OS for themsleves. Thats why they buy Dells, so big daddy Dell
> can set up windows for them. If you forced the real noobs to install any
> os, including windows, they would freak. 
> Plus a Dell doesn't do everything you want. You want to play Divx
> movies? You have to find out that there is this thing called a Divx
> player to do it. Which you have to find and download without Dell's
> help. If you can figure that out, then you are not a "window noob" and
> you have enough skill to install Ubuntu and use the faqs here to get it
> to act like a good desktop. 
> For everyone else, a nerd will have to set it up just like papa Dell
> sets up there windows box. Nothing wrong with it. If anything, the
> complaints about "not having media support" comes from nerds that could
> easy add it but are too lazy to because they know other distros will do
> it for them. Let them buy the other distros.
> Now, I'm not accusing you. And I do admit I wish the universe was
> handled better (I would prefer a live universe instead of snapshots).
> But media support will never come with a free distro like Ubuntu. but
> Ubuntu makes it pretty easy to add what you need.
Outstanding answers.. :) I agree!!


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