SiS Multimedia, no volume control, no speaker output

Carey O'Shea carey at
Sat Sep 10 20:02:04 CDT 2005

On Sat, 2005-09-10 at 16:28 -0700, crimsun at wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 11, 2005 at 09:20:51AM +1000, Carey O'Shea wrote:
> > So, my card needs ac97_quirk=1 to work properly, and Ubuntu doesn't do
> > this by default... that would classify as a bug, yeah? Or?
> This issue seems complicated, since it's AC'97 codec-specific (i.e.,
> doesn't affect all users of snd-intel8x0). Will investigate more this
> coming week.
> Thanks,

Thanks for the interest Daniel.

Yes, it makes sense that it doesn't occur for all users snd-intel8x0 as
the module seems to be used for a wide range of cards.

I see from some searching that people are doing all sorts of ac97_quirk
options, like 3 and 7 and 0 and 1, etc. Not sure what each do at the
moment, but ac97_quirk=1 definitely fixes the volume control for my SiS
audio controller.

If you need it, there is output from "lspci -vv" on my card located here
(at the bottom):

Any other info needed?

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