ENE CD1410 Cardbus

Carey O'Shea carey at internode.on.net
Fri Sep 9 01:07:00 CDT 2005

OK I've been told that 2.6.13 is not likely to happen for Breezy. So is 
it possible to include the fixes that are in 2.6.13 for the ENE CD1410 
CardBus? The CardBus is completely non-functional without the fixes, 
does not recieve IRQ and cannot power the pcmcia slot.

The machines that come with this CardBus come with CardBus wireless 
adapters, so practically everyone with these laptops will be using them.

The CardBus works in SUSE 10.0 which is going to be released *before* 
Ubuntu Breezy.


Here is some info on the controller: http://paste.ubuntulinux.nl/2031

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