`Maintainer' field

Christian Bjälevik nafallo at magicalforest.se
Thu Sep 8 07:02:58 CDT 2005

tis 2005-09-06 klockan 16:18 -0700 skrev Paul M Edwards:
> I recently experienced a problem with the ATI binary driver on Hoary
> and wanted to talk to the packager about it... I proceeded to email
> the individual indicated in the package details I saw in Synaptic. He
> very kindly replied saying that he is the maintainer of the Debian
> package and that I'd need to contact someone at Ubuntu about the
> problem. We emailed back and forth a bit and he said he gets several
> of those emails daily! I was and still am suprised at his patience and
> kindness; if it were me I might be rather frustrated by now.
> I think that something should be done about this and that using the
> override fields seems like a good idea.
> Paul

If we should start with this problem, why don't we just override
Maintainer: Ubuntu-Core for main/restricted and Ubuntu-MOTU for

Sure this is a hack, but still a work-around till we have come up with
something better?

Christian Bjälevik <nafallo at ubuntu.com>
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