Colony 4 report on old hardware

azz dlist at
Wed Sep 7 20:02:49 CDT 2005

Hi Martin.

"Right, ISA cards cannot be detected by the relatively safe hotplug


As it is, there is I get a message saying that I may have an incorrect
Gstreamer plugin or an improperly configured soundcard.  Perhaps a
little help document about how to load modules via the command line?  A
gui to modconf?  Anything would be better.  This is a pretty weak spot.

"Bug filing is always fine, it's rather a question if there is anybody

who can and wants to fix it."

Kinda of why I asked...  This problem won't get fixed by filing bugs

"Then you can use the card with all standard tools (sudo ifup wlan0,

netapplet, and you can even configure it with the networking tool)."

Are you sure?  I just tried that with an up-to-date Breezy and I still
get nothing.  As I recall, the linux-wlan-ng usb devices do not have
wireless-tools support (no wireless extentions)  You have to use the
linux-wlan-ng tools.  That is why the device is not picked up by the
installer, nor the networking tool.


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