LiveCD daily report for 09-06-2005. Perfection.

Pete Shinners pete at
Wed Sep 7 01:47:48 CDT 2005

Thought I'd take the time to test out the LiveCD before it gets all the way to
the preview release. I had an awesome run with the disk on my one system. Breezy
is looking to be the top quality distro.

I can only think of minor cosmetics that could use a little work. I assume this
is the type of finish work that will going from here into the final release.

The grub boot graphic is only a white screen with a small text are at the
bottom. It seems like a regular graphic display is initialized, but there's no
logo or anything. Everything is fine and works, but compared to the Suse9.3 disk
I've been using recently for rescue it is kind of nasty. The Suse disk has a
nice looking hires graphic screen with a grub-like menu of boot options. The
best thing is they have a "boot from hard disk" as an option in the menu. I'm
not sure what they are using, I suspect it isn't even grub. It would definitely
be a target to strive towards, but perhaps for Breezy+1.

The graphic splash boot worked perfect for my system. There was one "failed" in
the progress text. The error was for setting the console font. This has no
effect on the system, but I'm not sure if that is expected to succeed inside the

The gnome solid brown screen came up pretty quick, but it took a long time for
the gnome splash screen to show up. So long I had to check the cd drive a couple
times to make sure things were progressing. This is probably tough to get to
since it involves the startup of everything.

My only other cosmetic gripe would be the default web browser home page. It is
pretty ugly and scary as well since its a solid page of small text text text. In
fact more than a single screen of text. You've got to scroll to read all the
fine print. Confusing and techinical and fairly ugly text. I'd really prefer to
see something like the default firefox screen come up every time I open the web
browser ( ). Graphics from the ubuntu website
would be a perfect theme. A minimal little ubuntu splash page would seem a
better welcome. Just take the firefox page and search-replace 'Firefox' for
'Ubuntu' and 'browser' for 'operating system'. It can obviously have a link to
the tome of ubuntu reading material for when people want to read more.

Hmm, sorry for the ranty skew there towards the end. Breezy's gonna be the best
thing out there. Congrats on all the new nice stuff since Hoary. 

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