Colony CD 4

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Tue Sep 6 03:40:05 CDT 2005

> This will be the last Colony CD release before the Breezy preview, so
> any testing you can provide is appreciated. If you test it, be sure to
> send us a report to ubuntu-devel at

Okay here's mine...

It was mostly all working, the only 2 little things I could mention
would be :

- When I tried to log-out the first time, it would hang/not log-out. I
switched to VT1, which took several seconds, then 'top' clearly showed
that the process 'update-notifier' (from memory...) was hanging the CPU.
Killed it, and instantly the machine recovered, and logged-me out as
instructed. It has never done it again since, no idea what caused it.

- My video car got detected properly (Matrox Millenium II), however my
monitor got only partially detected :

Section "Monitor"
	Identifier	"NEC M700"
	Option		"DPMS"

...its name had been figured out ("Nec M700") but strangely the refresh
rates where not at all present (not even safe defaults, nothing at all).
When I logged in, Gnome was using 1024x768, despite I used 1152x864
before the install, and since I re-used my home partition, I was hoping
it would read the info from there. When I tried to select the
resolution, the dialog offered me 1024x768 and 1280xsomething, but not
the resolution in-between, precisely the one I expected it to use.
So I xorg.conf I simply added "1152x1024" in the list of valid
resolutions for 24bpp colour depth, and that did it. I did NOT add the
refresh rates info, yet I got my résolution, at the expected 75Hz
vertical refresh rate, which I wouldn't think would be possible if Xorg
were using safe/default refresh rates. So I get the feeling that 

1) the monitor did get properly detected, but refresh rates were simply
not indicated, but were being used anyway somehow.
2) it forgot to include the resolution of 1152x864 in xorg.conf, hence

3) It failed to read the user's resolution from his home partition when

Maybe 3) would have worked if 2) were fixed, don't know...

All other problems I have with Colony #4 were also present in Colony #3,
so I won't report on that.

Overall it works pretty well already, so I guess the finished product
will be quite polished as there are still 5 weeks before release ! :o)


Vince, very happy with Breezy...

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