Breezy report (should have been colony 3)

Till Varoquaux till.varoquaux at
Sun Sep 4 23:59:54 CDT 2005

I just installed breezy on my laptop (Asus w1000n ).
I couldn't get it to boot on burnt colony 3 cd's (nor on any burnt cd 
aparently...) so I dist-upgraded from hoary.
Here are some of the first problems that pop to mind:
_Suspend to ram doesn't work. The system shutsdown fine but doesn't come 
back after (it shows activity but doesn't display anything).
_Hibernate does the same
_Sound volume is not ajustable (this is a sound card probleme: there is no 
hardware mixer,dmix should be used)
_Screen "flashes" under usplash.
I also had the problem during installation. This is for me the most serious 
bug. It appears to have been trigered by usplash vesa mode and ncurse (does 
it switch mode too?) the main laptop screen flashes constantly from black to 
the image making it very hard to read... 
I used an extra screen plugged in the svga out. The extra screen doesn't 

If you need to perform any further steps to get more hardware info etc 
please let me know
(gpu is a radeon 9600m)
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