Announcing the release of the Ubuntu Documentation Style Guide

Jerome Gotangco jgotangco at
Thu Sep 1 04:28:16 CDT 2005

The Ubuntu Documentation Project (UDP) is proud to announce the
release of version 1.0 of the Ubuntu Documentation Style Guide. The
Style Guide is a reference tool used by the Ubuntu Documentation
Project members and contributors. It is an outline of the policies and
standards that writers and editors are expected to work to.

The Ubuntu Documentation Style Guide is located at:


The authors of version 1.0 are the following:
1. Jeff Schering
2. Jerome Gotangco
3. David Ottina

The Ubuntu Documentation Style Guide is built with the participation
of the members of the Ubuntu documentation team and represents the
current accepted practice for documents produced and maintained by the

The Style Guide attempts to achieve the following:

1. Help writers communicate clearly
2. Create a consistent style across all documents
3. Create consistent use of terminology across all documents
4. Highlight common problems in the use of the English language and to
provide solutions.
5. Help writers write for an international audience, including how to
write for translation.
6. Help writers and editors select the appropriate DocBook markup.


The Ubuntu Documentation Style Guide is made available under a dual
license strategy that includes the GNU Free Documentation License
(GFDL) and the Creative Commons ShareAlike 2.0 License (CC-BY-SA).

We invite the Ubuntu community to write documentation, howtos, wiki
entries in accordance to the Style Guide. The community is also
welcome to improve on the existing Style Guide and help us release an
updated version in the future (the guide still has some couple of
items to complete marked TODO). Because the Style Guide is an evolving
document, expect incremental changes to be made every now and then
until a new version is announced.

Jerome G.

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