David Oftedal david at start.no
Sat Oct 29 23:34:18 CDT 2005

Hou Zhengpeng wrote:

>在 星期日 30 十月 2005 05:24,David Oftedal 写道:
>there are many works to be done for the whole scim can work smoothly in 
>dapper .
>if you want to use the up-to-date release of scim ,you need't upgrade to 
>dapper now . you can get it from here:
>deb http://debian.cn99.com/ubuntu-cn breezy main universe 

Thank you for the URL, but are you sure this repository contains all the 
modules for SCIM? I've gotten a lot of suggestsions from people about 
alternative repositories, but they always lack either scim-anthy, 
scim-pinyin or scim-tables-ko. I think this repository might only have 
support for Chinese.

David Oftedal

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