David Oftedal david at start.no
Sat Oct 29 16:24:14 CDT 2005


I finally gave up on Breezy and upgraded to Dapper in order to get my 
favorite Asian input methods (SCIM) working properly. They are, sort of, 
and nothing's caught on fire yet, but there are a few problems:

scim-setup, or the package which seems to contain it, can't be installed.
scim-hangul isn't showing up in the list.
scim-chewing isn't showing up in the list.
scim-m17n isn't workig. (According to David Mandelberg)
And finally, scim-tables-anything (zh, ja, ko, additional) can't be 

This seems to be largely due to several modules being left from the old, 
non-functional version. There's also a slight delay when one attempts to 
start a GTK+ 2 app without having any others open already, and I think 
it might be because this makes GTK+ 2 attempt to start SCIM.

I hate to keep on ranting about this, but since the problems with SCIM 
weren't fixed in time for the Breezy release, is there any chance that 
someone might fix them in time for Dapper? I really doubt that anyone's 
going to come up with a better all-round solution than SCIM, before 
April, and UIM, which seems to be the main contender, seems to be less 
affected by pure packaging problems than SCIM.

Pretty please with sugar on top?


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