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Sun Oct 23 08:45:25 CDT 2005

sön 2005-10-23 klockan 15:17 +0200 skrev MadMan2k:
> By default the ubuntu installer creates a swap partition and complains 
> if you don't create one during manual partitioning.
> But I think a swap partition is quite inflexible - imagine a user 
> upgrades his PC so he wont need one any more - then he will
> have to repartition his drive to get rid of the swap partition.
> Wouldn't it make much more sense to create a page file, which one can 
> move around resize and delete and recreate without having to touch the 
> partition-table. I#m still unsure whether it has a performance impact 
> though...
> M2k

Actually, we use that partition for hibernation aswell...

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