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Ubuntu Linux has a side project for micronizing Ubuntu, called myubuntu
(since I don't have a myu key) or µbuntu (since I can copy and paste).
The wiki for this is at:µbuntu already supplies a project to supply a debian-based
iPaq/PDA distribution, Familiar Linux.  I believe it would be
advantageous to both entities to begin discussing potential
collaboration of efforts immediately. already has a 2.4 iPaq kernel; a fully maintainable base
distribution that can be upgraded or have new packages installed;
integrated GPE with a miniature X and GTK+2; integrated Opie; and a
fully functional boot loader.  The GPE distribution of Familiar fits
within 14 megabytes of install base.  This is a great head start for
Ubuntu and myubuntu project.

Sharing effort with the Ubuntu community would lighten the load on developers, increasing the quality and rate of release of
the software.  AFAIK, still does not have a functional
document processor (think WinCE Pocket Word or Pocket Excel), and
gpe-nmf has always been quirky as a media player (and no longer works
besides).  They have yet to move to 2.6 kernels as well.  Filling these
gaps would be much easier with AND Ubuntu developers than
with only one or the other.

As a management issue, myubuntu is currently structured to gradually
miniatureize Ubuntu, as is outlined in the wiki; the larger mini-ubuntu
effort comes first for PVR equipment, while the smaller myubuntu effort
is filed down from there.  This is potentially backwards; it is likely
more logical to start by structuring a Familiar-like PDA distribution
and growing from there, as removing bloat is more difficult than adding

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