Wenzhuo Zhang wenzhuo at zhmail.com
Fri Oct 21 23:05:29 CDT 2005

On Sat, 2005-10-22 at 10:38 +0800, Zhengpeng Hou wrote:
> if you want to use SCIM ,you shall contact the scim maintainer MingHua
> for it .You can find his work in the debian unstable the release of 
> 1.4.1 for  scim .
> As for the simplified chinese users, we recommend that the FCITX will
> be a better choise .
> Also we have scim in our backports for our chinese user with the
> latest release . deb http://debian.cn99.com/ubuntu-cn breezy main

It's already included in the Universe component of the Ubuntu
repository, although the version number 1.0.2 is a little outdated.

I second Ed Trager's opinion that SCIM is currently the best choice for
IME. I have not experienced any major stability problems with version
1.0.2 that comes with Hoary and Breezy.

Usage guide: http://www.mrbass.org/linux/ubuntu/scim/

For Chinese input, you only need the following packages:

$ sudo apt-get install scim-gtk2-immodule scim-chinese scim-tables-zh


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