Edward H. Trager ehtrager at umich.edu
Tue Oct 18 11:11:05 CDT 2005

On Tuesday 2005.10.18 17:39:55 +0200, Dag Rune Sneeggen wrote:
> Edward H. Trager wrote:
> >
> >    when Unicode 5.0 is due out.  If Ubuntu wanted to pay for it, I think 
> >    Mr. Andries
> >    of Hapax might be persuaded to create an Open Source N'Ko font.  
> >    Creating
> >    the glyphs is straightforward: but note that N'Ko is an RTL script with
> >    joining behaviour similar to Arabic, so an OpenType font with the 
> >    proper
> >    GSUB tables would be required.  So some work would be involved, and I
> >    know that Andries is fairly busy, but I think he actually has done 
> >    some draft N'Ko font work.
> I'm not an african myself, but I strongly support this motion. Canonical 
> seems to be sponsoring/paying/bounty'ing a lot of stuff.
> If anything such a project is very useful and a good thing for Canonical to 
> sponsor and get involved with.
> Perhaps there are certain other native/tribal typographic work that needs 
> to be done for similar areas.
> >

This reminds me:

Ubuntu packagers should also take a look at Christopher Harvey's
http://www.languagegeek.com/ site which provides Unicode fonts for 
American Aboriginal languages (Canadian Syllabics, Cherokee, extended Latin
script all included in the high-quality sans and serif fonts).
Of course this and the other sites are all mentioned on my font guide.

--Ed Trager

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