Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Tue Oct 18 09:18:48 CDT 2005

Trent Lloyd wrote:

>Indeed, I personally know of a handfull of packages that couldn't go into
>universe because their dependants were new versions in main, and it would be
>annoying to have things not updatable because of this, with failed
>builds, etc, and if we needed to do an update or somethign we'd have to
>do rolled back versions (+revertedto) etc unless we make sure not to
>sync things which we dont have the dependants for, etc, it could turn
>into a rather nasty mess.
The MOTU have really improved the level of participation and integration
for Breezy, so I'm confident we'll see better uploading of needed
features before the relevant freezes. Still its worth adding to the
proposal the idea of a rolling freeze, with UVF for main coming some
weeks before UVF for Universe. If you think that we will only see real
attention from people at UVF time, then it might make sense to have them
at the same time, so that the MOTU realise that they have main
dependencies that need to get in BEFORE main itself freezes.

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