6.04 and Launchpad

Daniel Silverstone dsilvers at digital-scurf.org
Thu Oct 13 03:37:38 CDT 2005


As you are all no doubt aware, Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger) released
today. Now we have to look forward to 6.04 (Dapper Drake).

Dapper will be run on the Launchpad platform. https://launchpad.net/ and
as such, anyone expecting to be able to upload packages (That means the
MOTUs and the core development team alike) need to have their GPG keys
registered with the Launchpad.

Also, since bug reporting, translation work, etc will all be carried out
on Launchpad, anyone expecting to participate in any way really ought to
have registered themselves with launchpad.

If you know nothing about Launchpad then I recommend you go ahead and
play with it.

To register with launchpad, visit https://launchpad.net/+login and use
the registration form at the bottom. To register your GPG keys, visit
your person page (click on your name in the top-right when logged in)
and choose "Edit GPG keys" from the actions portlet on the right.

Launchpad currently only copes with keys which have encryption subkeys.
If you *MUST* have a signing-only key then please log into #launchpad on
freenode and there you can find out about how the work to enable
signing-only-keys is going.

As the various stages of bringup are completed, I will announce them on
the list.



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