Firefox not broken in Breezy

MadMan2k madman2k at
Wed Oct 12 16:14:01 CDT 2005

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 12, 2005 at 07:51:27PM +0200, Andreas Schildbach wrote:
>> Matt Zimmerman wrote:
>>>> FYI: Restarting Firefix does not cure the problem. I did not try 
>>>> deleting the .mozilla folder as Flavio suggested.
>>> It's working fine in all new install tests and on all upgraded systems to
>>> which I have access.  Of course, on my desktop, after upgrading it, I had
>>> exactly the same symptoms that you did, _until_ I restarted firefox
>>> following the upgrade.
>> On my system, not even a system reboot cures the problem.
> Then most likely there is something wrong with your profile (corruption, a
> bad extension, bad plugin, etc.).  Firefox is not broken in Breezy.
perhaps. its already a bit late, but I can confirm this. I also had this 
issue on windows and as well on linux, while trying out some 1.1beta and 
switching back to 1.0. This is perhaps related to some plugin but for 
sure it is a application internal issue.


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