Accessibility in Breezy Urgent request

Jason Grieves jasongrieves at
Sat Oct 8 06:57:48 CDT 2005


I urge you to fix these small problems to make the Gnopernicus package
download smoother for users who are disabled.  The accessibility team will
be working hard at upcoming solutions in Dapper.  Note: these were tested on
an RC1 fresh install as of October 8, 2005 1:56 AM Central Time

I really recommend making gnome-mag a required piece in the gnopernicus
package.  Most users are looking into gnopernicus for magnification and if
you use magnifier, it fails silently causing a lot of confusion for users.
Once installed things work fine.

2)Festival Speech Drivers

Luke Yelavich says 
It already works in Breezy, however a small modification to the festival
configuration needs to be made in order for festival to play nice with

For now, you need to edit /usr/share/festival/festival.scm (edit by Jason
Grieves) and change the following line:
(defvar server_access_list '(localhost)

To this:
(defvar server_access_list '(localhost.localdomain)

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