Software suspend is scary, and multiple booting

Jeff Bailey jbailey at
Wed Oct 5 11:16:16 CDT 2005

Le mercredi 05 octobre 2005 à 15:39 +0100, Ian Jackson a écrit :

> * The partitioner arranged to reuse the existing swap partition on my
>   system.  This particular testbed has about 6 installs of various
>   Debian and Ubuntu derivatives on it, all with the same swap.  So it
>   is of course not safe to suspend to swap and resume unless there
>   were some way of making sure that the right operating system
>   resumes, or that the swap partition is not shared.

I think this is actually more of a feature than that.  The problem is
that filesystems aren't stopped and unmounted before a hibernate,
they're frozen in place.  If you boot another OS that changes the
on-disk state of a filesystem before resuming, you risk serious
corruption from differences in the on-disk and in-memory state.

Jeff Bailey

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