gnome-app-install to remove package dependencies?

MadMan2k madman2k at
Mon Oct 3 05:46:50 CDT 2005

Ricardo Pérez López wrote:

>Hi! I've tried the following:
>1. Install mysql-admin (which installs mysql-admin-common
>2. Go to gnome-app-install ("Add Applications" in the menu), and uncheck
>"MySQL Administrator" (from "System Tools"). This removes the
>mysql-admin package, but not the mysql-admin-common.
>I think gnome-app-install must removes both mysql-admin and
>mysql-admin-common, because none of them is used now.
>Is it planned for gnome-app-install to support this functionality?
its a known apt issue - AFAIK its already being worked on, but it is too 
late for breezy.
Right now only aptitude is supporting this - but its not a real 
alternative though...


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