Breezy Icon Theme

Manu Cornet Manu.Cornet at
Sun Oct 2 09:06:54 CDT 2005

Hi !

> I'd say go ahead with Humility - I just installed it and have had a
> look at it - it seems to have a sane team structure for artists, the
> icons are imho _very_ pretty (though it needs a proper "home" icon ;>)
> and further solidifies Ubuntus position as an innovative desktop
> linux.

I personnaly very much like the Humility theme. But there seems to have 
been some very serious problems of organizations on this project. I 
personnaly tried to get involved in the Artwork Team, and I made a few 
tries at designing missing icons (and people on the list seem to 
appreciate them), but the guy in charge of this theme isn't reachable, 
on #ubuntu-artwork or on the mailing list (and I'm not even sure if it's 
the right guy).

The whole Artwork Team has had some organisation trouble these days, but 
although wallpapers seemed to keep flowing and get accepted on, I have never heard anything about icons, even though I 
actually wanted to help.

I am totally wanting to work on missing icons, since I think the 
Humility theme is the best for Ubuntu and looks great so far, but 
someone should definitely be managing this seriously... Maybe the guy in 
charge of this up till now is just too busy with other stuff and someone 
else should be chosen...


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