Longrun debdiff

Dean Michael Berris mikhailberis at free.net.ph
Sat Oct 1 09:15:58 CDT 2005

Good day everyone,

Earlier I asked whether this was the right list to ask, but I gather
that it might not be since what I was working with isn't in the official
Ubuntu repo's -- however, as I've already put in my changes [1], and
don't have a signed key yet, I cannot upload the stuff. However, I would
really like to be able to get your inputs regarding the changes, and
whether or not it might be too late already for inclusion into the
breezy release.

Comments most welcome. TIA

[1] http://zakame.spunge.org/pub/mikhail/longrun_0.9-16_to_0.9-17.diff

Dean Michael C. Berris <mikhailberis at free.net.ph>
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