[Announcement] Ubuntus MOTU School

john levin john at technolalia.org
Wed Nov 30 23:49:23 GMT 2005

Stephan Hermann wrote:
> Good Night,
> we just started a new MOTU project with the name "Ubuntus MOTU School".

Woo! Very cool.


> We will start with lessons without a real timetable. We will announce the 
> lessons on the new Ubuntu-motu mailinglist (and ubuntu-devel mailinglist if 
> it's appropriate).

FYI, as I don't think it's been announced*, the new Ubuntu-motu list can 
be subscribed to from here:
Don't all rush at once - first post has already been claimed :)


(*Apologies if it has been announced, but I haven't seen it on any 
ubuntu list.)

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