proposal to revert the uglification of the clearlooks theme

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Wed Nov 30 20:43:45 GMT 2005


some of you might probably have noticed that the clearlooks theme in
dapper was updatet recently, all menu bars and buttons now have
gradients to enhance the 3D impression of the widgets.
while this might look nice in 32bit displays it looks very ugly on 16bit
(i.e. the majority of laptops), the menu bar on a typical 16bit laptop
display has now 3 stripes coloured from a light rose colour to a solid
grey. the colour stair stepping is even more noticeable on the buttons
which seem to have a 5 colour gradient. scroll bars with a two colour
gradient somehow look like a "triangle from the top" 

since i don't think we can ship it in this state and gradients on grey
are very hard to handle in a way that they look good (non rose) on lower
colour (16bit) displays i would like to propose that we revert the
extreme "gardientification" of the theme to a state the one in breezy

if anyone has other suggestions how to solve that without removing the
gradients that's fine too (i don't have anything against gradients)
don't get me wrong, i really like the theme, but i don't think we can
ship a unprofessional looking design for big amount of our users...

thoughts or suggestions anybody ? 

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