failing step is: Configure apt

Jettana Mutchakwnag note_jettana at
Wed Nov 30 07:33:58 GMT 2005

Hello all,

I try to build my own install cd.I read howto build it form and
do step by step.When I install my own cd that has error at
Configure apt step.

This is my step on Ubuntu 5.10:

# sudo -s

# cd /home/jettana

# apt-get source ubuntu-keyring

# cd ubuntu-keyring-2005.01.11/keyring

# gpg --import < ubuntu-archive-keyring.gpg

# gpg --list-keys "Jettana Mutchakwnag"

# gpg --export  FBB75451 437D05B5 MYID > ubuntu-archive-keyring.gpg

# cd ..

# dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -m"Jettana Mutchakwang 
<note_jettana at>"

# mkdir /home/old

# mkdir /home/rebuild

# rsync -azvb --delete --backup-dir=/home/old/ /media/cdrom0 /home/rebuild

# cd /home/rebuild

# mkdir -p dists/breezy/extras/binary-i386 pool/extras/

# vi dists/breezy/extras/binary-i386/Release

Release file :

	Archive: breezy

	Version: 5.10

	Component: extras

	Origin: Ubuntu

	Label: Ubuntu

	Architecture: i386

# cp /home/jettana/ubuntu-keyring*deb /home/rebuild/pool/extras/

# apt-ftparchive packages  /home/rebuild/pool/extras/ > 
# apt-ftparchive -c ../apt.conf release /home/rebuild/dists/breezy > 
# gpg --output  /home/rebuild/dists/breezy/Release.gpg -ba 
# mkisofs -b isolinux/isolinux.bin -c isolinux/ -no-emul-boot 
-boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table -J -hide-rr-moved -o myoldInstallCD.iso 
-R /home/rebuild

When I burn it and try to install that have error  at step of "Configure 

What can I do now?

Thank you,
Jettana Mutchakwang
Student of Buraphalinux University.

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