Wouter Stomp wouterstomp at
Mon Nov 28 18:10:52 GMT 2005

> >
> > Regardless of the disk space, I think it would also be reasonable to
> > delete items automatically from the trash after one month. That also
> > avoids cluttering up the trash when you actually want to restore
> > something.

> That would be a lovely option to turn ON but not one that every should
> be on by default. I happen to use my trash as a place to store things
> I don't think I need but might. As such I never empty it.
> Corey

I don't think that is the most usual use of the trash and at least I
don't think that is its intended use. Of course I don't know for sure
nor do I have any numbers on it, but I think the average user uses the
trash to restore accidentily deleted items and you are an exception,
so it would be reasonable I think to turn such an option on by


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