John Nilsson john at
Mon Nov 28 00:46:12 CST 2005

On Mon, 2005-11-28 at 05:22 +0200, Sandis Neilands wrote:
> And if you want to delete older files first how would you determine
> how long the file is in trash? Touching it before/right after moving
> to trash is a bad idea, because in case you decide to restore the file
> it's timestamps should be modified again.

This would obviously require some kernel support. Which means that it
won't be implemented in gnome (portability).

Files wouldn't be moved anywhere, just simply flagged as deleted, and
have a deletion date attribute. Maybe extended attributes can be used?
The interesting part is how to index them for quick access...

This kind of system redesign might be overkill for Ubuntu. But then
again, why not?


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