Benjamin Montgomery bmontgom at
Mon Nov 28 02:00:03 GMT 2005

Ante Karamatic wrote:
> define some amount of time when Trash get's automaticlly cleaned. On
> every startup applet should check for files older then N days and remove
> them if user wants for files to stay in Trash for N days. On the other

I don't think the trigger to check the trash should be login, but maybe
a cron job that runs every day and deletes files according to some rule
configured by the user.

> Could this be possible since "deleting to trash" is acctually simple
> move to other location (preservs ctime and atime)?

I think the maybe "deleting to trash" should be a concept for the whole
system.  All delete operations (command line and GUI) should do the same
thing.  Could "rm" be modified so that instead of getting rid of files
they are moved to the trash?

Benjamin Montgomery
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