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Fri Nov 25 05:01:16 CST 2005

Hi Ivan!

Ivan Krstic [2005-11-24 21:35 +0100]:
> Martin Pitt wrote:
> > That would be wrong. Adding the group is fine, and giving it sudo
> > privileges *if it did not exist before* is fine, too, but putting
> > users into new groups is wrong.
> It's merely replicating the behavior that a regular installation
> performs. How do you figure doing this in an upgrade is 'forcing admins'
> to do something, whereas doing it during installation isn't?

Providing a reasonable default setup at installation time is fine.
However, stomping over an admins' customizations in an already
installed system at upgrade time is wrong IMHO, and even more so when
it comes to security critical areas like privilege management.


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