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Wed Nov 23 04:09:24 CST 2005

Hi all,

It is that time of the month again: another report from the Community
Council. SPECIAL NOTE: If you want to attend the CC meetings, please
read the paragraph about rescheduling at the end.

* Maurico Hernandez introduced the chilean LoCoteam. The Chilean team 
  has been active in promoting Ubuntu and Edubuntu and are planning 
  install- and HowTo fests.
* Kevin Cole suggested the idea of using airport codes to refer to 
  regional locoteams instead of national (such as ubuntu-dca for 
  washington DC). This was considered too obscure and the suggestion 
  was made to simply use reginal codes as subdomains websites or 
  postfixes in mailing lists, such as ubuntu-us-texas at 

New Members
* Julius Bloch and Armin Ronacher are two of the driving forces behind 
  Ubuntu DE, organizing booths at events, writing documentation, 
  providing lots of support. Both were welcomed aboard the ever filling 
  Ubuntu ship.
* Bhuvan has only been using Ubuntu for a few months, but immediately 
  started contributing to the documentation team. For this 
  contribution, which is still groing, he has been welcomed as Ubuntu 
* Fábian Rodríguez has been promoting Ubuntu. From his wikipage 
  however, it was not clear when these contributions started. Combining 
  that with how hard it is in general to judge advocacy, the CC 
  suggested that Fabian will work together with Benjamin Hill to clear 
  up the confusion in the next two weeks.
* Mauricio Hernandez has been very active in Edubuntu and in promotion 
  in Chile, where he trys to push Ubuntu and especially Edubuntu as 
  hard as he can. He will be valuable new member, and will try to 
  make Ubuntu rock Latin America. Since Benjamin Hill had to leave 
  early, the voting is not yet complete but he will most likely be 
  accepted as member.
* Seb Payne has been approved oct. 25, but has been requested to give a 
  progress report 4 weeks after that (this meeting). He did not show up 
  and thus his membership will automatically end on Nov. 26. He will be 
  invited to the next meeting to try and renew his membership.

Meeting schedule
Currently the CC meetings are scheduled biweekly at tuesdays,
alternating between 14:00 UTC and 22:00 UTC. This schedule has proven to
be somewhat inconvenient for several parts of the world and rescheduling
has been suggested.

With 3 of the 4 CC members being located in London, there is a
constraint on the schedules, because the schedule needs to be reasonably
doable for them.

The next CC meeting will still be scheduled according to the current
schedule and tus on tuesday, december 7 at 14:00 UTC. We will discuss
rescheduling there, but I would welcome suggestions *before* that
meeting via e-mail to dennis at to make an informed suggestion
on the schedule. I would also appreciate it if people who like to attend
these meetings send me the times they are available.

The meeting ended at 23:37 UTC.
Dennis K.
  - Linux for human beings:
  - Linux voor normale mensen:
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