Stephan Hermann sh at
Mon Nov 21 17:55:38 CST 2005


On Tue, 2005-11-22 at 10:21 +1100, Rod Lovett wrote:
> Sorry to say but kdesu as root is kaput also in kubuntu64 dapper!
> I think there are too many versions of kubuntu ubuntu out there to 
> really focus properly.

Dapper is Development Release. This shouldn't be stable.

Please, if you want to help us to improve Kubuntu/Ubuntu you can do the

1. Please deliver some testhardware to the developer. Mainly AMD64 and
PPC Machines are important. I know at least 20 ppl how could need those
machines for testing and developing Ubuntu/Kubuntu.
2. Instead of writing senseless mails, it is better to file bugs. Use
Bugzilla for main packages, and malone ( for
Universe packages
3. Help us to fix those bugs. The easiest way to do this, join
#ubuntu-motu and get involved into the great world of packaging,
bugfixing and developing new things for ubuntu and the open source

Well, I think the most difficult thing for you is 1.
The easiest thing to do for you is 2. but the most interesting thing to
do is 3.
Decide for yourself (if you choose 1., I can send you the shipping
addresses of the people who needs those machines) 

> Very few developers there seem to use Kubuntu let alone kubuntu64.
> So one ubuntu/kubuntu with desktop choices may help----hmmm

No...the problem is easy: Test and file bugs, we're only human...and we
can't do anything alone.



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