Ivan Krstic krstic at hcs.harvard.edu
Mon Nov 21 17:51:36 CST 2005

Rod Lovett wrote:
> Sorry to say but kdesu as root is kaput also in kubuntu64 dapper!

You've filed the appopriate bug(s)?

> I think there are too many versions of kubuntu ubuntu out there to
> really focus properly.

This is your second message indicating problems in Dapper, which is a
development release, NOT YET INTENDED for end-user use, and that's seen
less than a month of real development.

Are the problems you list present in Kubuntu 5.10? If so, have you filed
the appopriate bugs?

> So one ubuntu/kubuntu with desktop choices may help----hmmm

Disregarding your general tone, please understand this is not a support
list. The best thing to do with your problems is to file bugs, and not
tell us about them here.

Since you're not an Ubuntu developer, and particularly this early in the
release cycle, I can't understand why you're using Dapper at all. It's
normal for it to be broken in all sorts of ways -- at this point in the
Breezy release cycle, I think you'd have had trouble getting a usable

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