Stephan Hermann sh at
Sun Nov 20 15:54:52 CST 2005


On Mon, 2005-11-21 at 08:38 +1100, Rod Lovett wrote:
> Hi Oliver,
>               I tried using Bugzilla to report KDE bugs, and it took up 
> to 6 months or never to get a response.
> Guess I lost my faith in that great mountain of bugs!
> However if Bugzilla is so good for Kubuntu, could I perhaps ask you to 
> file all those bugs I listed, if you consider them real.
> I only make noises occasionally here.

Oliver doesn't use Kubuntu. 
So he can't, and nobody else, can judge if your issues are only local or
are real bugs. if you file the bugs..we will have a look.

The secret is, to report a bug, but write it in a polite way, so the
developer likes to read the bugreport. :)

And yes, you should file the bugs.



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