Adam Conrad adconrad at
Tue Nov 15 22:40:11 CST 2005

Ben Collins wrote:
> Before filing, tell me, why doesn't it work with initramfs? If it's
> missing something like a PCI module table, then that's the better
> solution.

It's probably something like that, yes.  MESH is ancient code, and
poorly (if at all) maintained.  The only driver on my OldWorld that
throws a mess of deprecation warnings during a kernel compile.

If someone wants to bring it up to date with the New World Order
(dragging it through the 3 or 4 New World Orders it's probably missed
out on), that'd be great, but I can't see anyone caring terribly much (I
never have, despite the fleeting urge to look at it every time I compile
a kernel and see it complain).

... Adam

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