Mark Jaffe markie at
Tue Nov 15 13:10:21 CST 2005

I wish to report on results of install testing of 6.04 onto Powerbook 
G3 2000 Firewire (Pismo).

Machine has 512Mb RAM, 400 MHz cpu, 60 Gb HD (boots to 10.3.9 and 9.2 
of MacOS).

On running the installer, it fails to detect network. Neither on-board 
port nor Linksys W54G PC-card is found.

When attempting install to a G3 450 B&W (Yosemite) with 20 Gb IDE, it 
failed to format an already-formatted 12 Gb ext3 fs.

Mark Jaffe
markie at
408-807-2093 (cell)

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