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Thu Nov 10 19:45:36 CST 2005

As you all know, the Ubuntu Distroteam of Main and Restricted are
fighting now with Bugzilla to satisfy MoM. 
(A picture of MoM you can actually see here
The Masters Of The Universe, responsible for the other (unsupported)
half of the Ubuntu Distribution, are trying to satisfy MoM as well. But
MoM decided not to file Universe bugs neither into Bugzilla nor
Launchpads Malone.
Because of this, some Heros Of The Universe decided to work on a
solution for this. 
The solution you can find here:

Well, but this is not all. The Masters Of The Universe decided again,
that the Universe needs a little help for filing bugs against Launchpads
Malone. The result of this decision you can see here:

This is a bzr (bazaar NG) branch of our small collection of self made
hand written MOTU utilities which the upcoming MOTUs can use to help us
to satisfy MoM.

For further instruction you can read the documentation (README) and/or
ask on irc:// .

To get a copy of the motu-tools grab Jeff Baileys daily snapshot of bzr
(adjust your /etc/apt/sources.list) which you can find at this location:

deb ./

do an 
	sudo apt-get update 
	sudo apt-get install bzr bzrtools bzrk
Now grab the the latest motu-tools branch.

bzr export

That's it. Feel free to use it and help the Masters Of The Universe to
satisfy MoM even more.

We thank you for your attention and 

Live Long And Prosper,

\sh (in Name of the Masters Of The Universe)

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