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Thu Nov 10 10:05:05 CST 2005

El Jueves 10 Noviembre 2005 16:09, Daniel Silverstone escribió:
> Hi,
> My father has been using Ubuntu since Warty and has some concerns about
> proposed UI changes for dapper. He is 77, nearly 78, and demonstrates an
> important principle we'd potentially be breaking. That of the principle
> of least surprise.
> I'm not going to say whether or not I agree with his complaints, or the
> rationale for changing things the way he's not happy with; but I was
> asked to pass on his comments and I am thus doing so.
> D.

The most intelllingent quote I've read in the Comments page is:
"As the quote in the [WWW] GNOME Usability says: What's important is not that 
we can conceive the idea, but that when we actually test it on people you 
discover it doesn't work... your intuition is wrong."

So please, before a so huge change, I'd test it on a wide range of users.


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