Phillip Susi psusi at
Wed Nov 9 10:11:30 CST 2005

He is saying that the slow down is caused by your broken ISP, not IP6. 
He is saying that your ISP is telling your computer that they support 
IP6, when in fact, they do not.  This causes your computer to attempt to 
use IP6 first, which fails, then it falls back to IP4.  That is where 
the slow down comes from.  Once you disable IP6, it stops trying to use 
it, so you see things speed up.

When your ISP does not lie to your computer and say that it supports IP6 
when it really does not, you don't get this slowdown.

Rick Rocker wrote:
> Sir, thanks for all the explanations, I didn´t understand one word.
> But what I understand is that this big - as in many users - debian forum 
> in Germany has so much questions to deactivate IPv6 - my question included
> some time ago - that they have made a wiki page to show how to do it:
> I have this problem also so I have to this procedure every time I install
> a Debian (-based) distro.
> But, thank you all for your answers.
> your humble
> debian_noob
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