Sivan Green sivan at
Tue Nov 8 13:02:40 CST 2005

It's my pleasure to announce that we have have just achieved our first software certification
from major Software company : IBM for DB2 UDB.

I have been working with IBM for a few months, and they have
seen how Ubuntu is beginning to make waves in all areas of business
computing, as well as the end users that we have been targeting since the first
release of Ubuntu.

Working with the DB2 team in Toronto has been fun and
instructive. Now that we have the certification of Ready for IBM DB2 Software for
Linux, we can be confident that we will be seen as a top Linux distro : one
to be trusted and used in all levels of business.

It's really great that IBM has been behind us with this
certification, and shows the foresight  that the DB2 team has.

This is the first of many certifications that we will be
working for over the next few months.

Cheers everybody!


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